FSX: New kid getting unfairly kicked around

There are things in life that move with a comforting clockwork predictability. The tides, the travel of the sun through the sky, the changing of the leaves… and the whining and moaning surrounding a new FS release.

FSX is here! You can tell by the bright glow on the horizon from a thousand forum posts blazing. To listen to the majority of the posters, you’d think the Aces team were days away from being brought up on charges and spending the rest of their geeky lives rotting in a Turkish prison for crimes against simanity. Before you take too much of the ranting to heart, though, stop and take a breath.

Breathe in… breathe out… better? Okay, time for some reason.

It’s true that FSX will run on current mid to high-end hardware. It’s also true that it will thrash said hardware badly unless the display settings are dialed back substantially when run straight from the box. However, hope is already pushing up through the ground despite the nay-sayery. Autogen scenery seems to be one of the biggest complaints in this version, with many saying they can only get good frame rates if they disable it altogether. This understandably brings howls from the masses of ‘simmers who’ve grown accustomed to seeing a populated world in the past two versions. Here’s the hope part: a forum post on Avsim detailing changes Matt Fox has made to the autogendescriptions.spb file shows that with a little tweaking, even the power-mad FSX autogen can be brought under control. I’ve tried out this tweak, and it’s true that I can now run autogen on “normal” in FSX with smooth and thoroughly enjoyable performance and acceptably nice looking trees and buildings.

Jon Patch mentioned some FSX settings he’s found to be helpful on his blog, and has also listed FS veteran Katy Pluta’s thoughts on settings as well. Pay these people heed and read through what they have to say carefully. What you’ll find is that, far from being a lost cause, FSX is a fantastic new sim that’s simply ahead of its time. With the kind of brains the FS community usually brings to problems, it’s obvious that relief for early adopters is coming fast and furious.


3 responses to “FSX: New kid getting unfairly kicked around

  1. Hi Bill,

    Looks like a similar post to mine… http://owenhewitt.blogspot.com/2006/10/fsx-bit-sluggish-for-you.html

    I echo your comments 100%.



  2. Hilarious post (the top part), and oh so true….

    I have almost given up even READING all the whining posts…. but being responsible for one of the biggest FS forums on the Net, I can’t. And there are always ‘new’ people on board for whom there is still hope, provided they get the honest information and someone tells them to ignore some of the crap being posted.

    What’s also true is that the nay-sayers are by defnition the loudest…. reasonable people usually don’t even log on anymore and just enjoy the new sim 😉

    I wish I could too……..–>

  3. I enjoyed reading your, almost nostalgic musings about FSX whines. I too was ever so slightly dissapointed out of the box, but I expected to be. Having grown up with this product (like many others I first started playing it at college 20years ago) I know and understand the design philosophy at play. Anyway, part of the fun is working out how to make it run better..! I just ordered the bits for a new dual core FSX PC which I will enjoy building tomorrow. I always time my PC upgrades with FS releases..in fact its the only justifcation I have these days for splashing out on new hardware!

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