An Auspicious Beginning

Not much of a beginning, I’d say! It’s been over a week now, and no new posts from yours truly. In my own defense, I was busy getting the last kinks ironed out of the “Freight Dogs” addon for Aerosoft. I contributed six new airfields to the mix, all aimed at recreating a sense of bush cargo hauling in Alaska and remote corners of B.C.

You’d think we would be smarter than to try and release a package on Friday the 13th. Practically everything that could go wrong did, with the possible exception of the “gold” CD being eaten by a ravenous pack of wild dogs. FTP problems plagued us throughout the day, and at the end we decided not to fight it, and to just try again on Saturday, which ended up being Sunday by the time the installer makers at Aerosoft had done their magic.

Here are a couple of shots, courtesy of Nick Churchill, if you’re interested.

For a greatly expanded gallery, visit the product page.

Okay, with that behind me, let the blogging begin in earnest!


One response to “An Auspicious Beginning

  1. But we DID get it out, eventually….. now here’s hoping the ‘boxed version’ will go a tad smoother 😉


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